My apologies to you all, i’m doing this in bits and pieces but it’s jus that the story is so long that it’s easier for me this way…

So, i am now fed up and want to see a real dr again, to hell with everyone. Someone told me about Vitalab – a place where they only specialise in infertility, in fact all they do is get you pregnant, they see you up until 9 weeks and then you are referred to a gynea, this, I think is where i need to be. So finally we see Dr Jacobson on the 13th October last year and of-course we have this huge questionaire to fill in…and we need to have all the tests done over again. We start with a “timed intercourse” (yeah right, you think I’ve been doing this for almost two years and I don’t know when to do the deed)…Anyway….This is how it goes:

  • Bloods for me and Frank to check for HIV & hepatitis – no hormone check for me as that one was okay…
  • CD 2 – scan to check lining
  • CD6 – HSG – left tube questionable – ouch!!
  • CD7 – SA for Frank – super sperm!!
  • CD9 – scan to check follie size – whoa lady – how long are your cycles….17mm follie – left ovary – trigger that night and nookie between 10 and 12 that night
  • PCT reveals…very acidic so sperm is getting no-where near where it is supposed to be. Bicarb douche that night and nookie same time.
  • O day – PCT reveals loads of sperm in cervix!!
  • Bloods to check progesterone starting day after O and every three days thereafter until AF…oh how I love needles….

This cycle ended in a BFN….