Okay, so we are both in a bit of shock here, I’m thinking…friggin’ hell, I knew that there was something wrong….but this…why couldn’t it be something easy? (At this point, I’m still new at this, I think that there is an “easy infertility cure”….ha ha!)

My husband of-course is absolutely devastated, it’s never easy being told that you are faulty and the main cause of your infertilty issues….so, we are referred to a fertility specialist. He looks at the sperm tests (without knowing anything about us at all – no bloods etc) and tells us that Frank has a “genetic” sperm problem and we will either need IUI or IVF to conceive and will never conceive natrually, geez budy – easy on us here…we’re new at this for christ sake!!

He gives us a prescription for some vitamins and sperm aid for Frank, even tells us not to bother with another SA as the results wont change….mmmmm, and Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, come back in September for the IUI….

Ja well no fine…

Oh yes, he wants to do a lapscope – lapscope No.3 to check my tubes, ovaries and uterus, so I have my lap in June. He removes a cyst (cyst No.3 from my right ovary) and tells me that my tubes are totally fine and no sign of any other problems….2 months and counting until IUI or IVF…or so we think….