Okay, so after the shock has worn off, we start reading about this sperm thing and as it turns out, one SA is not conlusive and you need to have another one to be sure – um, not ready for that yet…we also see that sperm can be fixed to a certain degree with diet etc…so, we decide to try accupuncture.

I find a wonderful dr – a naturopath that specialises in infertility – oh yay! So we start seeing this dr in July. He puts us on a special diet and says that I have a liver problem and seeing as tho your liver affects fertility too, we work on that – I go for cupping every week until he can start seeing changes….blood changes colour and toxins are reduced and I see to be reponding to treatment well. Frank has a prostate problem where his prostate sometimes becomes inflamed and so he treats Frank for that and the sperm issue….

Eventually he tells me that we are both healthy and that I should now be able to fall pregnant…and we wait and try…and we wait and try….

I lose my sense of humour yet again….and decide to move on…..once again…..sigh.