Okay, finally…let’s get on with this…now…I’m boring myself here!

I have a lapscope to check for possible endometriosis and to investigate the tube thing and check everything else. I have my lap on the 21st Nov – I have stage II endo, which is removed. My ovaries and uterus are fine and so are my tubes, oh and I also have a progesterone deficiency so I’ll be on progesterone for the last two weeks of any treatment cycle, we also discover that I have a stubborn right ovary, it responds very poorly so I O from my left side every month, this is from the three cycts that I have had removed from that ovary….yes, I am well and truly faulty….wait for AF to so another timed intercourse cycle….things proceed as follows:

  • Dec 2006 – All goes well until PCT – Dr’s are hoping that removing the endo will get rid of my “hostile mucus” problem – er…no such luck! Bicarb douche once again works for acidity but they discover after the 2nd PCT for this month that my mucus is also too thick and the poor little men can’t move….stat IUI – this is O day….whoa, now this was a surprise….this cycle also ends with an BFN!!
  • Jan 2007 – This time they try a medicated IUI – Femara from CD2 – CD6 – all going well…I have two follies on Trigger day – 15mm and 18mm – IUI done day before O and day of O – first day 180mil sperm with 30% motility and second day 180mil sperm with 50% motility – all going well….more than enough sperm and two eggs….yay, yay, yay! Progesterone “turkey baster jobs” started from 2dpo….here we go!! I have all the symptoms, i’m nauseous, tired, emotional, having friggin wierd dreams, boobs are killing me, I even have a temp rise on 14DPO….I tell you I’m pregnant….er no….I’m sorry Mrs Gardiner….your HCG (which is scheduled on 14DPO for every treatment cycle) was Negative, please come in again on CD2….

And so I lose it, I cry and I cry and….I cry. For four friggin days I am a basket case, it’s never hit me so hard before, fuck! I skip work – now this is a new one, and I just don’t see a way out of this. My husband is starting to think i’ve lost it, well yes, I think I did for a while there. On top of this all, I have stopped the progesterone but it delays AF by two days and I still have friggin hope, this is sad I tell you…..maybe they got the test wrong, maybe it’s mixed up with someone else’s….and then she comes….and I cry.

I phone the nurses at Vitalab and we speak about IVF – that’s it – i’m doing IVF, stuff this 15 – 20% when I can get 60%!! I tell my husband we doing IVF, never again will I do an IUI…it’s clear they not going to work for us! He nods and says yes. Oh and we taking a break and going for councelling, i feel like i’m losing my mind here! He nods and says yes.

I make an appointment to tell my Dr i’m sick of this playing around, bring out the big guns, I want IVF! I make a councelling appointment and we go away and take a break….