Just want to say thanks for all your prayers and well wishes for Greg, unfortunately there are not many more answers as yet. They did another brain scan yesterday and the scan showed that there is more bleeding on the brain and his brain is more swollen but in saying that they did the very first scan on the day of the accident, so it makes sense that the brain would’ve continued to bleed and swell for a while. I suppose they will do another scan tomorrow to see if it’s the same, we are hoping that it’s either the same or better as that means that the bleeding would have stopped. Greg is very agressive which apparently is very normal with this kind of head injury.

They have restrained him because he keeps pulling out the IV’s etc but somehow he managed to get free and ripped out his catheter – this is really bad news as he has damaged his uretha and the urologist says that he’ll have to insert another catheter but this one will need to stay in for a month to allow everything to heal, so all in all, this is going to be a very long road for all of us. Dr’s aren’t saying much as it’s too early to tell if there is going to be permanent brain damage, if there is then he will have a speech problem and the motility on his right hand side will be affected but there are rehabilitation programmes for this. The good news is that Greg is talking and making sense, not all the time…sometimes he recognises people and sometimes not, the brain is a funny thing so no definate conclusion can be made as yet. He just wants to go home now and he doesn’t realise how serious the injury is, he is asleep most of the time so only really talks between waking which doesn’t last long. If he continues to fight then they will have to sedate him and intubate him which we are hoping wont happen. He will be in ICU for at least the next 10 days or so….

I spent the afternoon looking after the kids yesterday and my goodness they are a busy bunch! The seem to scatter and you can’t watch all of them, thank goodness Frank’s gran was with me and she could keep and eye on one of them….They are taking it quite hard and keep on asking for their Daddy, Jessica has asked Miggy to promise that Daddy will be okay – oh it just breaks my heart. They took the kids to see him and thankfully he slept through the whole thing, the Trauma Nurse says that it’s important for them to see that he is okay and is getting better.

Other than that, AF is taking her sweet time, maybe it’s just stress…need to finish my story of how we got to where we are….maybe this afternoon…