I am feeling somewhat better, Aunt flo has packed her bags and buggered off for another 21 days or so…my hormones are finally starting to settle and my husband is thanking his lucky stars and eagerly awaiting his nice wife’s arrival back home…

Life has been busy, what with Greg still being in Hospital and us helping with the kids…oh and to add to my frustrations….my domestic (cleaner) has resigned with immediate affect as she had found another job working on a till…who could blame her, I would hate to clean someone else’s house all day BUT this leaves me in a bit of a jam, seeing that we are hardly at home lately…the house stays clean but there is the little problem of ironing – which I hate doing!! So on top of everything we are now looking for a new domestic!! Oh well, what is it they say about the rain…

It was our 2yr anniversary yesterday, whew has that gone quickly…it really doesn’t feel like we’ve been married that long, it feels like just yesterday I was walking down the isle with tears in my eyes (tears of complete and utter joy). I woke up yesterday morning and all I could think was…two years and i’m still not pregnant…now how sad is that, many many people wouldn’t even be thinking of having babies after two years of marriage. But I am lucky, my husband understands and he feels the same way but I am just so sick of thinking about everything that way…it just always come’s down to the same thing. My IF Dr, which I love dearly, tells me that infertility should fit into my life and not my life into it….and I’m very afraid to say that this is clearly not the case…oh well. We had a nice day and I am happy to say that I am even more in love with my husband than the day I married him!

We also had Dinner on Sat with friends of ours, she is 18wks pregnant now and looking really sweet, they also had some problems but went to the same clinic that we are at and luckily feel pregnant in their first cycle with the help of femara, she had PCOS. It does make me sad to see them and know that our situation is much more difficult to fix but I am also happy for them and can’t wait for the birth of their baby in August.

On a sadder more frustrating note, one of the headline news stories this morning was about teenage pregnancy….almost 2400 teenagers dropped out of school due to pregnancy in 2006 in Gauteng alone (now,Gauteng is not such a big place) i’m sorry but no matter how I try, I just cannot understand this….it’s makes me so mad!!

Greg is recovering very well, they have moved him to High care now, but he will still be hospital for another 2-3 weeks. They are doing another brain scan today to see if the bleeding and swelling is getting better, he is awake a lot and talking too, altho he does not always make sense and mixes his words up a bit…this is all normal for this kind of brain injury. Only time will tell how much better he is going to get and whether there will be permanent damage or not…thank you all for all your prayers….will keep you updated.

I am counting the days until our next IUI….