I just want to thank all my little bloggie friends here in blogland, you are all so very sweet and special and I feel blessed to have you all. This IF is friggin hard and that’s just putting it midly, people just don’t understand and the funny thing is that they don’t understand because they are just scared of understanding, they just don’t want to know so they treat you wierdly when they find out that you are…wait for it…Oh No, here’s that word again….infertile. But you guys, you know my pain, we all have the same pain (just in varying degrees of-course) and that’s why it so nice to have you all….so in this round-a-bout way….Thank you!

I was reading one of Tertia’s posts today and it’s so funny, I think that us IF’s all the same brain and the same way of thinking…Frank and I have often discussed this in length, over and over again (as us IF’s do)….the power of prayer. Now don’t get me wrong…I, like Tertia believe that there is a god and understand the meaning of prayer etc but I do also know that not all prayers are answered…if they were, well, none of us would be here pouring our hearts out about something we just can’t come to terms with, something all of us (even when we all have our babies – and trust me this will happen – because….I feel it in my waters!!) will never ever understand having to go through. If it was up to prayer, well then we have many many people praying for all of us, we will all be pregnant soon…because surely some prayers are answered?

This bring me to another subject I just can’t understand (oh my goodness, this is getting deep, it was supposed to be just a simple Thank you post) – if our little souls are out there just waiting for the right time or just another way to make it to us…then we are meant to have them….right….well then – why do we need to take the long road, if we are meant to be mother’s to these little souls then why put us through this??? I am sure that all of you have asked this same question, if the outcome is pre-determined well then why do we have to wait for the right time and why is “the right time” not now? Who decides when the right time is, why do we have this longing if it’s not the right time and for my finale….if we are to carry our children then why make it so hard and give us faulty bodies?

This is getting too much, i’m confusing myself here, I think the final question is why? And that my friends will never be answered.

So, on an end note (now that I have confused you all) – Thank you again, sweeties…