Still no sign of AF, to be honest it’s okay…now that she didn’t come early…I’m actually hoping that she’ll be a bit late (we are never happy now, are we??) You see, I think that I have decided that I am going to try and do anything to make this next cycle, we’ll go in for our CD2 scan and we’ll meet with the nurses and discuss what we may be able to do, I think what they’ll do is just trigger me a bit later, they would normally trigger me when follies reach 18mm and now they’ll trigger when they are a bit bigger….which I suppose is better than earlier.

I am actully quite excited now and really really can’t wait to get back on that horse!! (Ahem, so to speak) I have even worked out that I will still be able to have my baby/babies (which would be really nice) in this year if I get that BFP next month…last chance ~ so needless to say, I’m going to have a long chat with the fertility gods once again!!

It’s been a quite a week-end once again…I am recovering with a hangover…yes, again…I think in the start I said that this was a bit like an AA meeting…hehehe. No really, I don’t have a drinking problem, although my husband is fondly refering to me as PCP (piss-cat peanut). But like I was saying to Frank just this morning, it’s been nice to take a break in some ways because for months I was too scared to lift anything harmfull to my lips – you know just in case…and I’ve needed this, i’ve needed to just let my hair down and be irresponsible for a while. But as from today, i’m climbing back on that wagon…no more of this, it’s time for serious business once again!! Here’s to baby making!!!