I’m sitting at my desk at work and in my grubby little paws, I have an H.P.T!! I have an H.P.T in my hands because as of today I am on CD31 which makes me about 4 days over my normal cycle range. This is totally impossible and it scares me to think that there may even be a chance or maybe it the fact that I think there may be a chance that scares me…As I sit here, one half of me is trying to convince myself to go and pee on it and then the other half of me is trying to talk me out of it, because…sadly, I have done this before and I have never ever seen two lines…

I wish that someone could just tell me what the hell is going on, I don’t have these problems, I am quite “normal” when it comes to my cycles, I have an LP of 13 or 14 days – religiously, I haven’t O’d later than CD13 in the last 8 months, so that would mean that I am now 18dpo and then if you take it that by chance I O’d later than normal, let’s say CD15 then that still makes me 16dpo – we are taking a break, I have a progesterone deficiency and I am not on progesterone this month which would delay AF…maybe I’m reading too much into this and I should just wait it out….maybe I just O’d really late, the cramps and bloating that were here on CD28 have disappeared and left me absolutely nothing to work with, I feel very very “normal”….

But I have an H.P.T in my grubby little paws….

I’ll keep you all updated….for now, I need some coffee! Bumble I wish you were here to hold my hand ;o)