Thank you all soo much for your supportive comments, I really love you guys.

As for the old hag, I was not surprised to find her waiting for me when I got up this morning, afterall it had been 24hrs since I bought the HPT!! It turns out she had just lost her way, got a bit delayed somewhere else, was trying to explain all this to me but I just told her to sush now, now that’s she’s here, let’s just be friends and move on with my IUI…

On a more serious note, I am glad that AF is here now, still concerned about her delay but the good news is that I go for my CD2 scan tomorrow so I can speak to them and they’ll check that everything is okay “down there”…I did not pee on the stick….woo hoo, now don’t anyone ever tell me I don’t have will power (hehehe, yeah…it’s will power, i’m not really a woes!!)

Everything has worked out perfectly as now my IUI wont fall on the weekend of the wedding, I will probably need some scans over that weekend but that we can handle. So girls, if all goes well tomorrow then i’ll start femara and start gearing up for my next (hopefully successfull) IUI!! Watch this space chicks, here goes!!

I did meet with Mands today and must tell you all that she is very sweet and kind, we are going to make a plan to see eachother again and hopefully let this grow into a beautifull friendship, it’s nice to chat to someone who really gets you, now I have a paddling partner right here!! We didn’t take pics, I only thought about it afterwards but will be sure to do that next time!! Thanks again for today Mands 🙂