Okay, so the heading pretty much explains itself. I went for my CD2 scan today and waiting for me at the other end of the wand was a horrible little (3.5cm by 1.4cm) cyst on my left ovary, I cried my eyes out as the doc explained that this was the cause of the longer cycle that I have just had, “I should have been a dr” I am thinking to myself, I just knew that something was up…anyway I was sent for bloods to check my E2 and progesterone to check if the damn thing was still producing hormones in which case there would be a plan B. Plan B huh, too scared to ask what that was so we just left it at that…

They gave me my Femara anyway and said that they would phone me to let me know if I should start taking it tonight or whether we do plan B….

This just in….I am very relieved to say that they have just phoned and said that my horrible little cyst is not producing any hormones and should shrink by itself within the next few days. I start Femara tonight and go back for a scan on CD8 which will be Sat, now that I can handle. It’s been an emotional morning, friggin hell…nothing is ever smooth sailing. I’m hoping and praying that this will be the only bump in the road for this IUI, please God…just a little smooth sailing for a while??