CD8 scan revealed “no movement” on the left and a 13+ follie on the right, Mands has lovingly named this the prodigal follie…it’s the first time since starting treatment at Vitalab that I have had a promising follie on my right ovary, I have asked the Dr. about this before and he just said that it was lazy because of all the op’s I’ve had on it….well, girls I am pleased to announce the my right ovary is no longer lazy!! The body is an amazing thing, since my left ovary is obviously still recovering from the cyst I had the right one has taken over the duty of producing a follie…so there you go girls….the prodigal follie!! We are praying that this one yields the lucky egg 🙂

CD10 scan today revealed…still “no movement” on the left but an 18+ follie on the right….lining is at 8.4mm….could be better but Dr. is positive and says that things are looking good. Trigger at 6pm tonight!! IUI tomorrow and another on Wednesday. I am finally feeling a bit more positive about this IUI. I will start progesterone on Thursday and Beta will be on the 25th April….the day Frank and I got engaged 3 years ago…and also the day after my Dad’s birthday….hopefully we can him some good news 🙂

I asked the nurse about only getting one follie this time and she said that it was actually better than getting more, we are after quality….not quantity, so hopefully she is right, a quality egg that loves my husbands sperm as much as I love him and a Christmas baby for Mr & Mrs Peanut!!

Please all pray for Bumble who has had her 4 celled little embie put back, we want a christmas baby for her too. We love you Mr & Mrs Bumble….