Well ladies, like I said yesterday….today is O day!! Had loads of EWCM this morning, tinged with a bit of blood so I think that the egg is officially out. Got some local pain in my ovary area, which has been there since 2am this morning. Like I said before, this is the first time in months that a follie has come from this side so it is understandable that my ovary is also a bit grumpy!!

Today’s IUI went as well as yesterday’s….with 50 mil sperm to the ml so all is good. I lay there breathing deeply and trying to relax and talk nicely to Frank’s little men and my egg….I feel really calm, I’m not sure why but there is a light at the end of this tunnel, a silver lining to this dark cloud. Whether it is the fact that I am hopefull (yes, she sneaked back in when I wasn’t looking) that this will be the one because despite the rough start to this cycle, everything has turned out well indeed or if it’s the fact that I know if this doesn’t work that we will be moving onto bigger and better things, my last IUI is behind me!!

I also want to say a very big Thank you to all you lovely, lovely ladies who have supported me when the days where dark and somehow I feel very loved, I know that you will be there for me if all doesn’t work out as planned, you will all be the light in my dark days and that comforts me. A big hug for all of you!!

So, onto 2ww no. 25….is 25 a lucky number??