This is an update but it is also not…why, you ask….well, because there isn’t really much to report just yet…besides for the following which is quite normal for me at this time:

Sore Boobies
Wierd dreams
Slight cramping in tummy….

All of the above are caused by the lovely progesterone pess.aries that I am using….lovely, lovely stuff I tell you….oh, oh, oh…..i’ve also had a nice skin break out, which is a bit strange as that normally comes closer to AF….anyway, i’m not taking any of these as possible signs as I know what progesterone does!!

Other than that, I am feeling okay…I must say tho that I am actually feeling strangely calm this 2ww, I don’t think that I have ever been this calm in a 2ww, it feels pretty wierd actually. Not sure if it’s because I’m used to being on a break and not really waiting for much, or the fact the I am rather pleased that this was our last IUI….or the fact that I know we have a plan if this fails. I am also happy to report that I have finally made peace with the fact that we may have to do IVF, not sure why but the thought of doing it used to terrify me something silly, I feel better now and am actually looking forward to what the future may bring. I am going to be pregnant before this year is up, mark my words!!!

I worked all weekend, from 9am to about 7pm both days, on my feet all weekend so I am buggered, I nearly threw the alarm clock out the window when it went off this morning, it’s like a sick joke…winter is coming and it’s getting darker in the mornings, it confuses my body….I feel like I should still be sleeping 😦 My feet are also sore and I sound like a real grumble guts so I think I’ll stop right here….

Hope all of you in blogland are doing well, I am thinking of all of you in different parts of your journeys to parenthood!!