It’s now only one more sleep until my Beta, all the lovely symptoms that I was having are gone…and so is the hope. I have a bad feeling about the outcome of this cycle i’m afraid.

The good news is that i’m not crying yet, so my hormones seem to be holding up on that front at least.

I will be going for my beta at about 9:30 tomorrow and will have the results at the latest 11am. I am as nervous as hell and really really hate this part of having treatments, that phone call is always the worst. There is a little part of me that is still hoping that it will be a nice phone call for a change, the one where they tell me to stay on the progesterone – not stop it.


That same old feeling of failure is already creeping back in, please God….just for once, make it good news….please, please, please.

P.S. – It’s my Dad’s birthday today, I so wish that I could give him a belated birthday present tomorrow, he would be so happy….finally.