As of today we have finally decided that we are going forward with our plans to do IVF straight away.

I went for my CD2 scan (all fine) and bloods today, more bloods on Monday and then the I start Min.ulette on Monday too. We go for our IVF appointment with the nurse on the 8th May to discuss the rest of the meds and the protocol they will use on me. This is scary stuff. I am very nervous but excited too. The main thing is that I really can’t believe that we are about to start IVF….I mean WTF??

Anyway, I am feeling much better about things now and really looking forward to what the future brings. Frank is being rather quiet about the whole thing, the only thing he does say really is that he is glad that we are moving on and that we aren’t doing anymore IUI’s. I think men process things differently to us so when I ask him how he feels he just says that he hasn’t really thought about it much ~ not like me, madam control freak!

Thank you again for all your support, I’m still gonna need lots of it and am very happy to have you all here with me throughout this journey 🙂