I have finally had my IVF appointment and must say that I am relieved that I now have a plan…in writing that is…it goes something like this:

CD4 – Start Minu.lette (BCP)
CD18 – Start Lu.crin injections (in tummy)
CD22 – Take last pill
CD25 – Period starts
CD26 – Start Meno.pur injections (stimms) 3 x day
CD34 – First scan to check follies
CD36 – Possibly last day of Meno.pur injections
CD36 – Pre and post trigger E2 & P4 Bloods
CD37 – Possibly last Lu.crin injection
CD38 – Trigger
CD40 – Egg Retrieval
CD43 or CD45 (depending on embie quality etc.) – Embryo transfer
Cylco.gest (prog) from day after transfer (twice daily) until Beta
Estra.pause from day 5 after transfer until Beta
Beta – 13 days after transfer

They don’t use Gon.al F…strange, but all clinics are different, they haven’t given me the dosage of the Mono.pur but I asked what the highest was and they said 6 injections a day so they starting me half way which isn’t bad either, they may or may not change the dosage as time goes by….have to see how my ovaries react I suppose – She did say they normally get about 10-12 eggs on this dosage but it does differ from person to person.

So that’s it gals, looks pretty simple and straight forward to me….I did ask them about doing ICSI on half the eggs but they said that they would only do that if there was a problem with the eggs or the sperm on the day, they also said that since the only problem is the endo and one narrowing tube (found this out today…how nice, they don’t actually think the eggs were making it to my ute) the eggs should fertalise fine, they also told us that they only freeze the good quality eggs, which will be decided on the day of transfer. They do also do Assisted hatching if there is a need to…they will let us know, however they did say that most times they needed to do that with women older than me who’s eggs are different…time will tell.

We also got a pleasant surprise, the whole IVF is costing about R8 000 less than what we expected, now that was a nice surprise. I am more than ready now and feeling on top of the world at the mo….roll on Lu.crin….first shot on monday!!!