Sticky bun has tagged me for the I am game, I’m trying to be honest here and share the good and not so good things about me….here goes:

I am a control freak – no need to say more
I am a perfectionist – most times I drive myself crazy, nevermind others!!
I am very stubborn – most times cutting off my nose to spite my face
I am very set in my ways and like my routines
I am a great believer in getting on with things, I don’t like pathetic people – bearing in mind that there are levels of “pathetic-ness”
I am a bitch at the best of times
I am an extremely faithfull wife, friend and sister
I am a fun loving extravert
I am way too hard on myself
I am self-conscious although most would never say
I am a thinker – I over think EVERYTHING
I am very independent but can’t live without my husband
I am totally in love with romance and being in love
I am very trusting, I’ll give everyone fair chance before deciding otherwise
I am a fighter and I am strong, but get disappointed and hurt easily too
I am impatient

I am going to be a great mom one day
I am infertile but my infertility does not define me…I am still me and I am happy….

The aim of the game is to tag 5 of you who I would like to know more about….you’re it ladies…

Baby Blues
Aunt Sassy


I am glad to have found all of you!!