• I am not just a control freak…I am a little bit obsessive compulsive, now don’t get me wrong – I don’t go around double checking doors and windows, I trust that if I’ve switched the stove off that I have and don’t have to check again BUT I do make sure that everything I wear is colour coded…for instance when I come home at night and have a shower, I get into my jammies and when I get into my jammies I make sure that if my jammies are pink that I have pink underwear and pink socks and a pink elastic in my hair, now this gets rather difficult at times but if I can’t match the colours then I don’t wear them. I’m not quite as bad with normal clothes but do tend to try and match my underwear & jewelry to what I am wearing. Frank and his friends think that this is hilarious and they always tease me about it. Everything has it’s place in my house, if anything is out of place then it drives me crazy, Frank is forever telling me to leave things and just sit down but it bugs me until I do it…
  • I have very sensitive ears, I am forever getting ear infections. I hate a persistent noise, like blinds blowing in the wind (I have to get up and close the window) and crickets in the summer….in fact I sleep with cotton wool in my ears or my pillow over my head most of the summer, they drive me absolutely dilly. I’ll say to Frank, “Oh can you hear those crickets, they so loud” and he actually has to strain to hear them, he just blocks it out and I never can. I have had many sleepless nights over crickets, I hate the damn things!!
  • My very first love was only when I was 15, we dated for almost 4 years before we broke up, I thought I would spend forever with him….I then went on to date a good friend and we dated for 4 years as well and eventually got engaged, that relationship was doomed for many reasons and I am so glad that I never married him….both these relationships taught me a lot about what I wanted out of life….I took out all the bad things and kept only the good and married Frank who has made me happier than any of them ever could!!! I also knew Frank for 5 years before we started dating and we met at work….
  • I had a brief period of depression where I was on anti-depressants and sleeping tablets every day, I lost a huge amount of weight and had to see a physcologist for quite some time, this taught me a lot about life and although it was hard to go through, I am grateful for the experience, it also taught me the you can fight anything if you have the will to do so, sometimes you need to get up and dust yourself off no matter what, we all have the strength hidden inside us!!
  • I went to 13 school’s growing up, my parents where always on the move between JHB and Durbs, it was hard but somehow I managed to pass every standard (grade) with okay’ish marks. It was hard moving all the time and leaving my friends behind but I also think that’s why I fit in so well with people that I don’t know and I make friends quite quickly too. I only have one school friend that I still keep in touch with as a result of this…she was a bridesmaid (the middle one) at my wedding…

  • I sleep with a pillow next to me, it’s a childhood thing – it doesn’t matter whether Frank is there or not, my pillow is always on my one side (the side Frank doesn’t sleep) – I just can’t sleep without it there…I try and take an extra pillow with me on holiday too….wierd I know.
  • I have a sixth sense when it comes to friends and family being pregnant, I either have a dream that they are or I just get a feeling and 9 out of 10 times I am right, sometimes before they even know. It doesn’t work with everyone, just people that I am close to…it’s very weird and only started about 3 years ago, I have spoken to a Reiki master about this and she says that it’s just because I so desperately want to be pregnant that I sense if others are….believe it or not….another weird thing.
  • I am terribly scared of heights and get the most terrible vertigo, it’s terrible because it seems to be getting worse since I’ve gotten older. I have problems with escaltors now days too. I don’t like flying either, I’ve only flown twice but don’t think it’s anything I’ll ever enjoy…

That’s part of me in a nutshell, some useless info….

Started getting that heavy feeling, cramps and backache today…I think Aunt Flo is on here way….wooo hooo!