Aunt flo came yesterday afer much anticipation!! And so I am on CD2 today and that means the start of Stims!! I’ve just arrived back from the doctors and am pleased to say that I got it wrong (again)… when they gave me all the info for the IVF it said that there would be Meno.pur x 3 for 10 days…and so, like a doofus and someone who hasn’t done injectables before, I thought that it would be 3 injections a day, I was wrong….it’s only one injection of Meno.pur a day….but 3 ampules of Meno.pur in one, so that actually makes it 225iu of Meno.pur daily. They also gave me the choice of having a intra-muscular or sub-cu injection, I chose the sub-cu (obviously). Anyway, so i’ll be doing those and still be doing my Lucrin shots daily.

I must say that the Meno.pur injections aren’t as pleasant as the Lu.crin as the needles are a bit thicker and blunter so they feel like they going through leather when piercing the skin and they burn when the liquid goes in. I think these ones are going to leave bruises…oh well. I’ve also got a slight head-ache already but I think I’ll just try and increase my fluids, all in all…really not as bad as I thought…I CAN DO THIS!!!

Had a scan too and that was all fine, had to have more blood tests too and have been given a script for Antibiotics for Frank and I to start. My scan is on CD9 (next fri) to see how the follies are doing and to decide how many more days I need stimms for, so they’ve given me a huge pack of needles and meds etc for another 6 days, the morning of CD9 I have my Lu.crin and they scan me and then they give you the Meno.pur daily from then on (if you need it) until about CD11, retrieval will then be two days later so should be around the 5th or 6th of June, things are moving along nicely now!!

Other than that life has been quiet, I’ve been feeling quite emotional and have been very moody over the last week but they said that I should start feeling better now that my ovaries are allowed to start doing something…

I am scared about a few things but I keep trying to remind myself that loads of women have been through IVF (and succeeded) and that I am not the first to feel this way, it’s all going so fast anyway so I’m sure that before I know it we going to have two or more embies on board.

We haven’t decided on the ICSI yet, it’s still a constant niggle at the back of my mind but I’m trying not to think about it until closer to the time, right now I just wanna make some nice follies!!

Grow follies….please grow nice and strong for us…