Okay, so it seems the easy stuff is on it’s way out the window…lookout, here comes the not-so-easy part!!

As of this morning at about 3am, my ovaries started hurting like hell, they hurt when I walk, they hurt when I sit, they hurt when I don’t lie on my back, they hurt when my bladder is full and they hurt when I pee!! It’s official, I am a woes…I have very sensitive ovaries and could feel a cyst from a mile away (okay, I missed the last one but I knew something was wrong and to be fair, this one wasn’t like the others…it disappeared on it’s own and wasn’t stubborn like the others!) – I also could feel that there was more than one egg when doing Femara, so I should have expected this really and I did….just not so soon. Damn sensitive ovaries!!

I’m only on day 6 of stims, surely I shouldn’t be so bloated (I look pregnant and everyone is staring at my tummy – and I have my “fat pants” on!!) and sore?? I actually just feel like shite, my head is sore and so is my back.

Don’t get me wrong and don’t you dare roll your eyes at me (pretty please)…this is good, right? I am just a woes.

It’s just that yesterday I started wondering if everything is going to be okay, I’m getting really scared now, all of a sudden it just feels so much more real, the worst thing is that it’s not just one thing I’m scared of, it’s a shitload of stuff and while I know that this is normal, I can’t help but feel scared and very alone right now. I know that I’m not alone, I have my hubby (who is being so supportive and loving and all that I can wish for right now) and I have you guys but you all know how this feels….

One more day to go before my scan, I also think that if things down yonder are anything to go by then my retrieval will probably be earlier than expected or…..maybe not. As long as everything’s on track and there are lots of follies and they are growing nicely. I have another reflexology session on Sat to see if we can make them grow a little more and then I’ll see her the day before my retrieval as well, thing are right on track this is how it’s supposed to be, so why am I so scared?

Things are gonna be okay….right?