I just want to thank you all for your sweet comments (and for not rolling your eyes) yesterday, you are all very sweet and quite frankly I am not sure what I would do without you chicks!! I love you guys!!

I wanted to pop in and say that I am feeling much better emotionally today, I am still sore and bloated but have come to accept that this is prolly a good sign and that I should just quit complaining. So, I’m feeling much much better and a little more positive than yesterday…everything is going to be just fine, we are going to see lots of follies right on track tomorrow.

My hubby is so sweet and also made me feel much better, he took me out for a quiet dinner and then we went home and had a shower together and just had some much needed “us” time. It was quite sweet actually, we were chatting about how nice things will be once we get this IF thing right, we planning on building a new house and we were chatting about play rooms and babies rooms and whether we gonna have twins or just one. I also told him that if this IVF cycle works that our baby/babies will be due just before our anniversary – and just after his birthday and he was saying that that would make them aquarius and how nice it would be as I’m surrounded by aquariun’s in my life and he is surrounded by Leo’s – apparently a perfect match!! It’s so nice to day-dream sometimes.

We also chatted about how many embies we would like to put back, I was thinking two and he was thinking three, yes, I know….we are getting ahead of ourselves here, but you have to have hope figure in to this somewhere…anyway, I was saying that I’m not sure if our clinic will allow us to put three back, also…I know I can do twins but somehow the thought of triplets scares me something silly (even tho I know that we’d prolly just be improving our chances of one taking and that the likelihood of all taking is low). Of-course none if this really means anything now as we’ll have to wait and see how many eggs fertalise and what kind of quality they are etc before making these decisions but it’s nice to know what’s floating around in his head sometimes.

Bumble, I’m trying to stay at work as much as possible as I would really like to take some time off after the retrieval and possibly after the transfer, so far they have been very understanding but I don’t want to push my luck.

LJ, Frank has had quite a few SA’s done and they all came back fine (except for the first one which seemed to be a lab/doctor problem) so ICSI is not a must but we are worried that for some reason the eggs just don’t fertalise (which wont be a first even with no sperm issues), we don’t get any help here as far as health coverage is concerned so we’d like to get the best out of our first IVF as the cost here is pretty steep.

Scan tomorrow ladies, i’m all set…got a “brazillian” wax this afternoon (yeah, i’m a sucker for punishment) to make sure we all nice and neat for upcoming events and spending a quiet girls evening at home as Frank is out tonight…