Yup…that’s correct ladies…we have 13 liddle follies on the go!! They are measuring from 12mm and 13mm so still have a little way to go, my lining was a lovey 9.3mm so that’s good too!! I have 6 follies on my left ovary and 7 on my right (I’ll never say I have lazy right ovary – ever never ever again!!)

Of-course I have no idea how they even count the damn things, it seems so fast and I’m sure that they can’t count all of them anyway so I suppose the retrieval will reveal all…so to speak.

I had to have E2 bloods again today to see if that’s still within range and then they would decide whether to increase/decrease my dosage, bloods came back (don’t ask as they didn’t tell) and they decided to keep me on 225iu for the next two days, next scan is on Sunday. Woohoo, I get to sleep in tomorrow!!

Sunday will be day 9 of stims and I’m sure it will be trigger day too but if it’s not it’s okay as we’ve paid for 10 days of stims anyway, I’m also going for reflexology tomorrow so she work her magic and then we’ll see what Sunday brings, I must say that I am very pleased with my ovaries and very excited to see what the next few days bring.

I hardly slept last night, I tossed and turned all night worrying about what today would bring, I didn’t expect such good results, I was up early this morning….(**WARNING TMI**) and nearly shat myself (it was a good thing I was on the toilet having a pee) when I got a huge chuck of EWCM when I wiped, now that really worried me and I thought that maybe they had left things too late and my eggs where about to explode, luckily I was wrong again. I’m still getting loads of EWCM now and I don’t think i’ve ever seen so much of the stuff in my life before, I sms’ed my sweet friend Bumble who told me that it was okay – I love her to bits, she’s such a sweetie and always there when I need her!

Okay, enough of that….today, I am happy and excited!! Roll on Sunday!!