Hey gals, thanks for all your lovely comments about my liddle follies….and for sending “growing follie vibes” – it seemed to do the trick. As of yesterday, there where still 13 dominant follies mostly measuring between 18mm and over 20mm, there were a another bunch that have come up but they never measured them so I suppose tomorrow might be a surprise!! My lining was a nice 10.7!!! I don’t think i’ve ever had such a nice thick lining before!

I triggered at 8pm last night, so my last stim was Saturday and my last Lucrin was yesterday morning…I had one more set of bloods this morning to check my progesterone post trigger numbers and so now I wait for tomorrow morning and no more needles for a while….woo hoo!!
I go in at 7 and they’ll prep me and everything for retrieval at 8am sharp!! I’m feeling okay actually, I haven’t really thought about it too much and slept okay last night, the pain is a bit strange today, was worse last night but seems to have moved a bit lower today. I am at work finishing everything off in case I’m not feeling too hot after the retrieval.

Transfer will be on Friday so it will be a 3 day transfer which is fine with me. We spoke to the doctors about ICSI yesterday and have decided to wait until tomorrow to see how many eggs we get and what quality the sperm is – so I’ll let you know what we decided to do after the retrieval.

Our clinic makes you wait 13 days until your beta so if nothing changes then my beta will be on 21st June, not a bad day to find out that you’re pregnant hey!! I’m trying to be really positive about all this but must say that I am not looking forward to this 2ww!! To answer your question Leah….nope, I wont be POAS at all, I do have one at home but will try and stay away from it, I hate those damn things!!

Last reflexology session tonight aswell to just get them all ready….I’ll let you all know how the retrieval goes…wish me luck!!