Today is a good day!! I am back from my retrieval and am very happy to report that they got 16 eggs!! Frank and I are both very pleased.

I slept through the whole thing and was a bit sore when I came out…feels a bit like very bad period pain. Feeling okay now just tired and bloated and just a little crampy but it was all worth it!!
They have decided to do ICSI on some of the eggs even tho the sperm quality was good today, they didn’t say how many so we’ll see what they say tomorrow. I have to phone them at 10am tomorrow for the fertalisation report so I’ll let you all know then. I am praying that we get a good fert rate and that everything goes okay until they can be put back.
I start my progesterone tomorrow already, twice daily….thought it was a bit strange that they start you on it before the transfer but I’m not questioning anything as I’m sure they know what they are doing!!
Please pray that my little embies do their thing and that tomorrow brings good news, for now…I’m off to shower and then the couch!!