Well, it’s only two days into the wait and so far so good, I have been trying to to think about it too much but I do find myself looking at my tum and wondering what’s going on in there, hoping and praying that my “little two” are growing and getting ready to implant soon, they should have loads of cells by now!!

I really don’t have any interesting news at all actually, i must say tho that IVF certainly does make you feel a bit different – I am very bloated and have sore boobies, but I have this since my retrieval so I know not to obsess about it but I definately have noticed that your body doesn’t feel the same as when you’ve gone through a normal cycle.

I was reading comments on my blog yesterday and came across a comment from Erin, so as one normally does, I went to check out her blog to find that she had written a little blurb about something I said in my post, I actually feel a bit bad (i’m sure she wasn’t aiming at that) because I didn’t explain myself correctly when telling you guys about the 6 celled embie…so, I went and looked it up and I was correct but just didn’t say it right…so, now I am trying to explain myself clearly (with pics for your viewing pleasure)….

I have found this: A normal zygote (1 day after fertalisation) should look like this:

2 pronuclei are seen – A polar body is at one o’clock – The upper pronucleus contains maternal DNA and the lower pronucleus contains paternal DNA
An abnormal zygote would look like this but can still carry on growing:

3 pronuclei are seen in the center of the cell – Each pronucleus contains 23 chromosomes -This embryo has 69 chromosomes instead of the normal 46

I haven’t been able to find a pic of a zygote with only one pronucleus, basically our embryo should have had 46 chromosomes but ended up with 23 and shouldn’t have gone any further, there are doctors who would transfer these embryo’s and see what happens but I think that most of the time they would result in a blighted ovum type pregnancy (I may be wrong tho). There are cases where the zygote has 3 pronuclei and one was removed, these can go on to be normal pregnancies and babies.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is…yes, we are lucky, our Dr’s do go into detail with us and I think that they just think it’s better, we had 16 eggs and wanted to know what happened to the other 11 and so they told us, I think it’s great. I also want to say that my Dr did not say that it was a freak of nature at all, he just said that he didn’t think that it was suitable to use, I called it a freak of nature.

Erin sweetie, I really feel for you, your Dr does sound like he doesn’t give you all the information you require, some Dr’s do that, I’ve been to many. IVF is a huge thing, maybe think of changing your Dr if you can? The reason your embryo’s didn’t take or weren’t good quality could be totally different to the reasons some of ours didn’t, if you need to know then tell him to tell you straight out what the problems were? Thanks for the well wishes, I truly pray your next IVF goes better….Hugs xxx

Anyway, with that cleared up – I’m off to the couch!! Love to you all….