I started spotting last night, it started off brown with mild AF cramps and then it was gone.

This morning it was red, no cramps and not really alot either. It hasn’t gotten worse but is there on my panty liner and when I wipe.

I am terrified and I haven’t stopped crying. I know that this doesn’t need to mean that I am not pregnant, and that it can be quite normal but I just can’t seem to think that this is good.

I have phoned the clinic and am waiting for them to phone me back, I know that they are going to tell me to relax and just carry on with the hormones until tomorrow. I’m afraid that I can’t do that, I need to know today so I want to go for my beta this morning, it’s been 13 days since my transfer so one day is not going to make much of a difference.

I can’t do this, i’m making myself sick with worry and I really just need to know now.

Just got a call back, on my way for my beta, wish me luck girls.