It’s been quiet over here in Peanut’s land, not much happening really. Frank and I are now in our 2ww after our 2nd DIY cycle and I am happy to say that so far this cycle has turned out much better than the last one with Ovulation on CD15!! That’s much better than it has been which means that my cycles are now under 30 days again, I am a happy Peanut!!

As you all know, this DIY thing is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. It takes some practice to get back into the “swing” of things, I mean really, it’s been a while since having s.e.x was for trying to make a baby, well in our lives that is. So timed intercourse was out the window months ago and getting back into it was not so easy. It turns out that luck was on my side this month, Murphy has seemed to have left the building this time round!! Frank and I had planned a weekend away, as I have said in my previous posts…my husband is particularly stressed at the moment, work is hectic. As it turns out, a lady that I work with won a prize for a helicopter ride and breakfast on a mountain in Parys (not Paris – said Pa-race) which is about an hours drive from us, she had to go in for an op so decided that she would like to give it to me, Frank and I decided to make a weekend out of it and booked ourselves in for Friday and Saturday night with the heli ride on Sunday.

We had the most awesome weekend, lots of relaxing, reading and sitting by the river enjoying the view and the sun!! Oh and not to mention some much needed lovin’!! I was in the dark a bit about my cycle this month but was delighted to see my old friend EWCM on Friday night, I ovulated on Sunday which I was very happy about seeing as tho it was very well timed with our “dirty” weekend. Maybe, just maybe this will be the miracle that we have been hoping for provided I never killed off Frank’s sperm like I normally do, I never even thought about the bicarb douche this time round, oh well….sometimes miracles do happen, now we wait….and hope.

Here are some pics from the weekend…

In other news, Frank and I had time to chat about our FET, I’m not quite sure if I got my way yet as no decisions were made but some seeds were indeed sown. I want to do the FET in my next cycle, Frank initially said that October is really stressful for him and that we should wait until Nov, he then asked what it involved and I said, a couple of scans, a trigger and then the transfer….oestrogen and progesterone in the 2ww….and he said, okay…let’s take it as it comes and decide then….so ladies, either way…my little embies wont be frozen for much longer and I’ll be starting my FET cycle in 2 weeks or 6 weeks time….Peanut is very happy!! Roll on BFP!!

While you’re out and about ~ please go over and say congrats to Leah (little pee stick monster) and Erin who have mananged to get their BFP’s!! Bumble who has just found out that she is having a little girl and that she is perfect, and then last but not least….Mands, who is almost on her way to stimms!!