And so it would seem as if AF has lost her voice (for now at least) or maybe she’s just a bit reluctant to sing!!

Today is 16dpo, for those of you who are experienced in charting, I have put a link to my chart for you viewing pleasure….as you will see, I haven’t really done that well with charting this month as I am really trying to break the habit, I really like to just pin point O and then see if AF is going to show so I can be prepared, so as you can see, I started again yesterday just to see if I needed some “goodies” at work and to my surprise, my temp was still up and so I did the most stupid thing I could think of, I peed on a stick. Those damn evil pee sticks as Leah often calls them, now…those of you who have been following my blog know that this is virtually unheard of, I NEVER pee on those things…I really don’t know what came over me. It is also the first time that I have peed on a stick and AF hasn’t come running within hours of said pee’ing….

There was not even a hint of a line, and still today…no hint of dear old Aunty Flo either!! I feel completely normal, way too normal for either AF to be on her way or for that elusive BFP. My skin has broken out which is normal for this time of the month…and so I expect AF…other than that, my boobs (which have been poked and proded way too much) feel completely fine, not sore at all which is strange since I always get sore BB’s before AF. I am however getting a strange sensation in my tum, it feels like I have pulled something on my right hand side, but i only feel it when I lie down, very strange.

I have also been peeing A LOT, but then again, i have been drinking alot because the weather here is so miserable so really that could just be that.

It almost seems impossible for me to believe that this may actually be it, i’m okay with waiting a few days to find out if it is but the thing that worries me is the fact that I should really be on progesterone if this is indeed it. I am sure now that I did pin-point ovulation correctly (after much discussion with Bumble) so I am indeed 16dpo today, the only other times has been late was due to progesterone supplements and a cyst, yes that lovely cyst! However, I was at reflexology on saturday and she says that my ovaries feel fine, says she can’t feel any inflamation or cysts….maybe she was wrong, I hope not, please G*D, please please please let this be it!!

I’m sorry that this post is all over the place but that is exactly how I am feeling lately, I cry at the drop of a hat too which is also a bit over the top for me, but once again, I blame the hormones – which ever ones they may be!