AF finally showed her face on friday and so on Saturday I went for a spin with my old friend, Mr Dildocam!! I can’t really say that I missed that guy, nor can I say I missed Vita.lab. Now…don’t get me wrong, I looooove Vita.lab, the dr’s, the nurses, everything about them is wonderful, it’s what Vita.lab represents that I don’t love, it’s being there and waiting for the scans and the treatments that I don’t love. You see, we haven’t done this in a while and so it felt really strange to be back there again, even Frank said “I don’t like this place” and so be it. But they have our little frosties and they looking after them for us, so there you have it, we don’t have to love it, but this is part of the process!

The very good news is that all is quiet on the ovary front, no cysts or growths to be seen on either ovary, my lining was 4mm which could be better but seeing as I was only on CD2 and I was still bleeding like a stuck pig, that will be better by now!!

The dr that discussed our embryo’s with us last time scanned me, I love this man, he is wonderful, so compassionate and just really, really a nice guy. He told me that he was happy to see me back and that it was all going to be okay, and I believe him, it will be, soon my little embies will be on board and everything will be just perfect! He also said that they are having very good success rates with their natural FET cycles and so girls, I have decided that everything is going to be just perfect and that my lining will develop nicely on it’s own, my embies will thaw and carry on growing strong until transfer and we are going to get a BFP out of this cycle!! I am feeling much more positive about everything now, last week was hard, I hate all the game playing that goes with this and I must be honest, it knocked me off my feet again but things are looking up….we have Love, Hope and Faith….

I go back on CD8 for a scan, which I think will be too early for much action but you never know, I am back at reflexology which always helps get those ovaries into gear. So scan on friday, and the probably scans every other day until my follie is ready, we will then trigger and they will thaw our embies, i’m not sure of the process after that but we will see as we go along….

I have saved the other very very very good news for last, it was a rather pleasant surprise. Dr G says that we have 3 embryo’s in the freezer, I don’t know how I got that one wrong. Frank has been telling me that we do but I thought they never froze the third one, Frank says that I never listen well enought because I am always so emotional, he on the other hand, gets the facts!! And for once, I am truly happy that he was right!

And so we have a 7 and 8 celled embie, I am not sure of how many cells the third one has got but they are calling it a “query compacted” so in other words, it may have looked like it was compacting but it may carry on growing once they take it out the freezer, so ladies…there you have….Love, Hope & Faith are waiting for me to be ready for them. We are hoping that all three thaw perfectly and that they can all be put back….

Let’s the good times roll, here’s to Love, Hope & Faith!!