….that Love, Hope and Faith get taken out the freezer and start growing again to be placed back into my waiting womb, I am so excited and ever so hopeful!

One of the ladies that I work with came to pray for me and my babies today, she’s a lovely black lady that I have known for ages, she told me a while ago that she know’s that we are battling to have a baby (she know’s nothing more than that) and that she is praying for me but that if I want her to some and pray with me, I must tell her. I never did….

And so after my scan on Tuesday, I came into work and asked her to pray for me on Sunday, so she told me that she would but even better she would come and pray with me on Thursday and Friday…and so today, she came to my office and prayed for me, I have no idea what she was saying because she prayed in her language, but she put her hands on me, all over my tummy. I was so moved by this I felt like weeping….after that she told me to get a glass of water and she prayed over this glass and told me to drink it….we will do the same thing tomorrow and this time I will explain to her and ask her to pray for my embies too. I have never been comfortable with stuff like this but today, it just felt right.

I am going out with my girl-friends tonight, we’ll have a few drinks and maybe some dancing, I didn’t want to go because I think that I really shouldn’t be drinking now but Frank thinks that it’ll be good for me to just relax a bit and take my mind off things and he is right, so I’ll have one or two and just have some fun…

Tomorrow’s the day, grow little ones….grow!