And so the wait begins!! Sorry to keep you all hanging but i’ve been doing the bed rest thing, at home today too but back to work tomorrow.

My transfer was yesterday and I am very pleased to say that Love, Hope & Faith all survived the thaw and were ALL transferred! They are now 5, 8 & 9 celled embryo’s (formally 4, 7 & 8 cells) and Dr J said that there was no sign of degeneration…

It’s wierd because they are 5 day old embryo’s grown for 3 full days and then thawed for 2 but have not yet reached blast stage which I pressume is normal when it comes to freezing and then thawing them, the “query compacted” one was the 4 celled embryo and that one kept growing, they think that the 9 cell one was compacting but put it back anyway because they had been wrong about the 4 cell one, like Dr J said….this isn’t and exact science so it’s a chance you take and I agree. I couldn’t be happier!!

My transfer went much more smoothly than last time too because this time I made sure that my bladder was extra full!

I must say that I think I prefer FET’s to the whole IVF procedure, I was much calmer this time round, in fact it still feels a bit surreal, I keep on having to remind myself that my embies are back where they belong. I’m feeling so much more positive too, I think the whole IVF procedure is a bit of a mind-fuck because you’re so emotional from all the meds, the retrieval and just the whole process, this time round there’s really none of that, yes the 2 day wait from thaw to transfer is scary but it just feels like there is so much less stress on your mind and body.

I started my progesterone last night, lovely stuff that, still drinking from 2.5 to 3 litres of water a day and (don’t laugh) have been eating loads of pineapple!!

I can’t tell you how happy Frank and I are that we have been blessed to get this far, thank you to all of you who were thinking of us and praying for us, it really means a lot. I have a good feeling about this cycle, I’m praying that little Love, Hope & Faith hang in there now (i’m not greedy but how do you choose, one live baby would be nice too).

Beta is on the 2nd November, i’ll be 13 days past transfer then so the nurse said it might be too early, we might get a low beta but i think it will be fine, we are leaving to go away that day and I really didn’t see the point in waiting until Monday which would be my origional beta date, if need be I’ll have bloods done while we away….

Here’s to the 2ww!