Look at what I have done…..

Aren’t they just too sweet…I know what you are thinking, I haven’t completely lost it, maybe just a little bit…but let me tell you why…well, last night while getting in to bed I was thinking about this whole FET thing we’ve done, the one that has felt so surreal up until now and all of a sudden this thought popped into my head “well, who says it’s gonna work this time, I mean really what’s different and why should it”

And so it began, the doubts….I was hoping that they’d stay away a little longer but where there is hope….so today when my angel (that lady at work I was telling you about) came to pray for me, I told her that I was scared and that what if it didn’t work! She told me (ever so calmly and as if she knows something that I don’t know) that I need to believe and have faith, God will help me.

And so, I decided to get something to help me believe, something to help me have faith and so today after work, I went and bought 3 little vests, one for each of my littlies…Love, Hope and Faith.

I was also chatting to a lady that’s temping by us at the moment (it’s such a small world) she also went to Vitalab and has a 3 year old little boy from her very last FET and she was telling me that I need to visualise my little embies and see them growing and implanting, now I don’t have a very good imagination but tonight that is what I am gonna try…

I also need to remind myself of a few things, this cycle is different from my IVF and will work because:

  • I was so much less stressed this time
  • My embies where grown for a little bit longer than my others so they must be stronger
  • They did assisted hatching on them this time which they say helps them break out and implant
  • This cycle was more natural, I didn’t have all those hormones floating around in me, making me crazy
  • My lining was actually thicker this time round
  • My bladder was so full this time that it made my transfer much smoother (will post comparison scans soon)
  • There are three instead of two, so that should higher our chances for even a singleton pregnancy

That’s all I can think of for now, it also helps that there are loads of women out there that FET’s have been successful for, this needs to work!!

Other than starting to lose my mind, things are all fine…feeling very normal, just waiting for the progesterone to kick in!! Not that much longer to go tho, 9 more days!!!