I must tell you all that I have started this post a few times now but haven’t finished it because for one, I have been hellishly busy at work, trying to finish up before we leave for holiday and also because I don’t really have much to say….now this is a new one (I always have something to say!!)

And so time is moving along, it’s actually gone quite fast compared to my normal 2ww. As of today, I have 2 more sleeps to go until I go for my Beta…and I am slowly but surely starting to loose my mind.

I have been feeling really good, really hopeful but must admit that I have had a few miserable days in which I’ve been grumpy as all hell. I still have no symptoms to write home about…normally by this time (and long before) I have progesterone-induced symptoms and this month I don’t even have those….there are a few things that I think are odd but some days I think that maybe they are all in my head so I’ll keep them to myself and make a list of them when my beta comes back positive!!

Anyway, I suppose it’s okay because I don’t know what it’s like to be pregnant or how I will feel when I am because I have never been there before….Frank is convinced that I am pregnant, in fact he’s even started talking to my tummy, asking our little ones to hang on tight, it’s really sweet but does feel a bit wierd, he NEVER does stuff like that!! My Angel is still praying with me everyday and keeps on telling me that G*d is going to heal me….and you know what….I BELIEVE that he will….

Frank and I leave for holiday on Friday, so I’ll go for my beta, wait for the news and then we’ll be on our way so I wont be able to update you all…I’ll ask Bumble to let you all know tho, I can’t leave you in the dark for 10 days!!

Right now, i’m trying to stay calm and keep the hope alive…come on little Love, Hope and Faith…