My appointment with Dr Debbie was wonderful! I went to go and see her last week friday, it’s so nice and refreshing to talk to someone that knows the in’s and out’s of infertility treatment! I gave her a brief history of how many cycles we’ve done and how I responded to IVF etc, I told her that I was on Agnes which she said that she wanted me to stop straight away as she doesn’t wanting it interfering with my up-coming IVF.

We went into the room and she checked my tongue, she asked if my periods were normally quite light, if I got dizzy often and if my hands and feet were always cold, I said yes. She checked a few other things and told me that my kidney Qi (chi) is blocked and that that definately affects fertility (in chinese medicine terms) and that I don’t have enough blood flow going through my body, hence the light headedness etc – so this could be part of the problem when it comes to my embies implanting!

She said to carry on eating healthily and to make sure I keep up the excercise. She said that I need to do something I enjoy on the other 4 days that I am not gyming, something creative because in chinese medicine, they believe that you cannot create life if you aren’t creative….mmmmm, I used to do a few things but haven’t for the last couple of months, maybe it’s time to start being creative again.

She started putting the needles in…by the time she was finished I had between 25 & 30 needles in me! I had in the top of my head, my tummy, my arms and hands, my legs and my feet…

She told me to imagine orange and red, these are your sacral and base chakra’s – she then turned off the light and put some soft music on, very different to Dr P’s visits! I felt so calm and relaxed, i tried to picture red and orange and it was okay but the colour I saw the most was green. Dr debbie returned to turn the needles and left me a little while longer, when she came back she asked about the colours and I told her that I was having trouble with the orange and red but that I did see green. She says that green is healing and that she can sense that I am very intuitive….my appointment with her was very surreal, there’s lots more to tell but I’ll leave that for my next post, I don’t want this post to go on forever…

So, she’s given me some tabs to get the blood flowing a bit better and says that she wants to see me every two weeks until I start stimms. Right now, Frank and I are still trying to figure out what on earth my body is doing, I’m still getting getting some cramping, my cycle is a bit screwy and i’m still getting daily headaches but am trying to stay calm and just hope that my body sorts itself out soon because I’m starting to get excited about starting BCP for our next IVF!