So girls, this has finally gotten the better of me….

I woke up this morning and took my temp, I was so sure that I ovulated yesterday since my EWCM has turned creamy and my boobs are killing me, they are just so sore it’s not funny….anyway, temp is stuck at 36.4 – definately no ovulation to speak of there!

I mailed Dr V about Franks fever and how it would affect his sperm for our IVF and I told him about my strange 22 day cycle last month and my no ovulation this month…..his reply:

Dear Tammy,
Please come in for a scan, we’ll discuss the semen etc during the scan….

Mmmmm, so i’m going in bright and early for a swing on the dildocam….wish me luck, I’m quite scared now that there’s something wrong, maybe I should have seen them earlier….lesson # 2567 in infertility!