My appointment with Dr V went *okay* today, he did a scan and lo and behold, I’ve ovulated!

Heaven only know’s what’s happening with my body, temp is still low so the first time in 3 years taking my temp has not been accurate! The good news is that all the pain on my right hand side hasn’t been for nothing, I ovulated from that side this month – first time in history – Thank you Dr Debbie!!

They did a progesterone and oestrogen test to make sure and to hopefully give me a little input on when to expect AF so I’m not totally surprised. My lining was 8.7mm which is okay but could be better I suppose but at least it’s over 7mm!

Frank’s news wasn’t as good as mine. According to Dr V men that have temps from 38.0 and upwards have a 50/50 chance of the sperm being damaged and if Frank falls under the bad side of the 50/50 chance then it could take up to 6 months for it to recover. Not. Good. News 😦

So, all is not lost and it’s still a waiting game. The plan is to start BCP on day 3 of my next cycle, Frank will go for a SA on day 18 or 19 of me being on BCP and we’ll go from there. If the sperm is fine then at least I’ll already have almost completed my BCP and I can start stimms, if not then it’ll be the same procedure every month until the sperm is fine. I’m not sure I like the idea of staying on BCP for more than a month but I need to try and take this one step at a time now and just wait and see.

I’m waiting for Dr V to contact me re the blood tests and will ask him if getting Frank on supplements will help. He hasn’t been on anything except a mulit-vitamin and Vit C as we never really had any sperm problems.

So for now we wait and pray that we are on the other side of the statistics for once, it’s hard to keep the faith when everything keeps on letting you down. F*%$ you, Murphy!