I can’t tell you how excited I am, I started BCP today!

My CD3 scan at Vitalab went well, Dr G counted about 10 antral follies in total, it was a quick spin on the wand so i’m sure there will be more follies to stimm with but i’ll be happy with 10 too, I’ve come to the conclusion that more is not always better anyway!

I started Min.ulette today…feels strange popping BCP again but i have to remind myself that this is for a good cause. I’m feeling so good about this cycle, Frank is not as eager but I think that it’s because he’s worried about his SA. We are planning on going away for a long weekend in June so our IVF has been moved around a bit….here’s the timeline:

20 May – Start BCP – done
6 June – Last BCP & Frank SA
10 June – Breakthrough bleed (hopefully)
11 June – Start Stimms
19 June – Last Stimm
20 June – Trigger
22 June – Retrieval
27 June – Transfer of blasts!!

This obviously is not written in stone and could change, starting stimms is subject to Frank’s SA being good, Dr G is positive that it will be fine but like always – time will tell.

It really looks wierd when I put it down on paper, in just over a month I’ll be a doing a transfer, whew! I’m only on BCP for 18 days this time which was nice of Dr G to try and accomodate our weekend away but it will also depends on when stimms start because I’ll need to start cetro.tide on about day 5 or 6 of stimms…

So that’s it people, here we go again….this ball is a little rusty but it’s starting to roll!!