Okay, so now we have a real reason for waiting – not just that gut feel!

Dr V phoned me yesterday after I’d sent him a mail to tell him that we had decided to wait. He says that Frank’s FSH is way too low. So, get this….they putting him on menopur injections!!!

He starts tomorrow, 75iu every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for 6 weeks, this means another 2 rounds of BCP for me instead of just one but what can you do? Apparently the menopur should make his FSH higher and therefore improve his count, morphology and hopefully quality of the sperm.

I’ll schedule my BCP to end on the same day that he finishes the menopur and then we’ll start stimms straight away. They’ll probably do another SA at the end of it too, just to make sure that the treatment has worked, maybe another FSH test too.

Dr V said that he looked back on Frank’s bloods that he had for our IVF and his FSH was low then already so something should have been done before we did our IVF, so I must say that I am a bit pissed that someone missed this but it’s water under the bridge now. Now we have a possible reason for our embies not taking as sperm quality definately has an impact on whether an embryo makes it to a baby or not.

Initially Frank was okay with the treatment, until he read up on all the side effects menopur can have on men, one of the side effects is breast enlargement, he has said that should this happen, he’s stopping treatment – I do understand but geez, men can be difficult! I’ll mail Dr V again and just raise Frank’s concerns but I do think that it’s really rare and that it could happen if you were on it for too long and maybe higher dosages. I do hope that the side effects are minimal tho….it could be a really long six weeks!!

It’s costing us quite a bit, almost half of what my stimms would cost if I was doing IVF now, so really not a nice surprise at all but hopefully this is what we need to do the trick….we’re a bit tired of all these bumps in the road but what can you do. You live…..and learn.