We’re back home with Abi, she is the most adorable little thing I have ever seen. She’s a fiesty little thing too but so so lovable at the same time. She loves being held and comes and climbs on me when she’s tired, it’s the sweetest thing!! She has brought so much joy to our lives and we’re constantly laughing at the silly things she does, just too precious for words!!

It’s been tiring, she’s still really small but we’re gettting there. She’s already been to the vet with a runny nose and tummy, her food is making her tummy run and she has a bit of a cold – from the temp change between her and KZN I suppose!!
Here’s some latest pics…

Still teenee, tiny!! Smaller than we thought she’d be!

In other news, it’s a week until Frank’s SA. We ready but scared at the same time, it’s been hard – Frank has been feeling really down lately – I think it’s from the Meno.pur but hopefully he only has about 10 more shots to go!! Roll on IVF, we’re ready for ya!!