It’s day 4 of stims and I went for accupuncture today, Dr Debbie said to keep on drinking lots of water to keep the headaches away but they don’t seem to want to budge, she said that the area around the needle looks good and goes nice and red quickly which is good. She also says that it doesn’t look like i’m that acidic anymore which is good too.

I need to go back the day before ER and then the day before transfer and straight after transfer. I do hope that this works, really I do…I’m starting to feel like a chicken without a head with all this running around.

On the stress front, I’m not feeling too bad at all actually. Little Abi is good at making the days go fast and keeping my mind off things. I think that we gonna have a few follies on Sunday as my ovaries are already starting to feel a bit strange, not sore but definately making their presence known!

I got some wonderful news today, you know who you are my friend and I love you guys with all my heart, I am so so happy for you!!

Carrie asked for updated pics of Abi, so here you go, how cute is her pink harness??: