Day 7 of stims revealed 12 follies ranging from 10mm to 14mm with a lining of 9.4mm.

The plan is another set of injections today and tomorrow and a scan on day 9, last time we did this, day 9 was my last stim day so we’ll see what happens, I’m thinking trigger on Thursday or Friday this week and Retrieval on Saturday or Sunday. Things are moving really quickly now chickens!!

I’m grumpy, tired, bloated and quite sore – but this is par for the course for me by now. The headaches seem to have gottten better with the addition of the cetrotide yesterday. My goodness, the cetrotide is not a pleasant injection at all, the area stays red and nasty looking for about 2 hrs after the shot and leaves a horrible bruise. I have bruises everywhere on my tum now and it’s not much fun at all. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining – this is not my favourite part of IVF but I’m glad that we have some follies on the go!

My E2 level was around 2000 yesterday, Heather said that it should double daily as we go (give or take), she said that they measure it to be around 700 per egg so we’ll see what it’s like on wednesday I suppose.

So far so good. It’s finally starting to feel real, I’m still feeling really calm for now, Abi is a wonderful distraction and it’s also easier once you know what to expect, that doesn’t make me any less scared for Retrieval tho!!!