My Day 9 scan didn’t turn out as I thought it would, the way my ovaries feel I thought I would trigger tonight or tomorrow night but apparently that is not what they have in store for me.

Things are looking good with a count of 16 follies – about 8 on each ovary now (give or take as I have no idea how they make anything out!). My lining is 11.4mm which is good and I don’t think that it’ll get much thicker before trigger (last time it was 10.7mm at my last scan before trigger so I’m really happy with 11.4mm!). My right ovary has some 18mm and close to that and the left ovary is a bit behind with 15mm – 16mm follies, so the plan – so as not to lose out on the left hand follies is to stim for another 3 days (today, Thursday and Friday).

My next scan is Friday and then they’ll probably cut my stims down for that day and then Saturday should be Trigger and ER on Monday – that’s Dr V’s plan but you know how these things go, it all depends on Friday’s scan and my E2 results which were only 4287 today which sounds a bit low for all those follies but they say it’s fine. I was a bit dissapointed because things are getting rather uncomfortable now but Dr V says that he prefers that I stim longer and slower – hopefully this way we’ll get some good quality eggs!

I cried all the way to VL and all the way back, Frank wasn’t with me as he had to stay with Abi. Abi is terribly sick at the moment, she has a bad gastric infection so she’s vomiting and her tummy is running non-stop. We had her at the vet last night and they gave her 3 injections and then this morning again for another 2. I have to take her back again tonight for more and if she’s still sick tomorrow then she’ll have to have a drip. She’s not eating and has a horrible fever so they worried about dehydration. My poor poor baby, I’m crying more about her than anything else but it doesn’t help that my hormones are all over the place.

So, now I suppose we just wait and see….