Well girls, my scan today went well. Follies are looking happy and E2 is obviously pleasing to Dr V (didn’t ask – trying not to obsess) so I trigger tonight at 8! Lining was nice and thick at 12mm, I don’t think it’s ever been that good!

ER will be Sunday and transfer should be Friday if all goes according to plan.

Had a very long night, Little Abi started vomiting again yesterday and the diarrhea is back, there’s a lot of blood too. She refuses to eat still so has now not eaten for two days. I had her at the vet at 2am this morning so needless to say we haven’t had much sleep! They’ve kept her and put her on a drip. I’m very sad and the house is so quiet without her but I know that it’s probably the best thing for her as the other treatment didn’t seem to be working.

My heart is aching for her and I just want her home and better. It’s been a very trying week but we’re hoping that it has a good ending.

Will update on Sunday, please keep up the prayers for us and little Abs…