We saw Dr V today, we went in to discuss our plans for our little embies.

The choice was – freeze half and grow the rest to 5 days. As of this morning (3 days past ER) there are 14 little ones still growing, to say that I am amazed is really and understatement of note! Of-course they are not all on par with eachother….here is the breakdown:

1 x 9 cell
7 x 8 cell
3 x 6 cell
2 x 5 cell
1 x 4 cell

So as you can see, there are a few that they don’t think will make 5 days and trying to pick which ones out of the 8 to freeze today was just madness, we’ve decided to take a chance and grow them all. Dr V is optimistic, he says the he thinks that we’ll be able to get between 5 – 8 blasts out of this but obviously he’s not putting that on paper!!

If we do end up with 5 blasts on transfer day then we’ll put two back and “vitrify” the rest – a fancy procedure they do to freeze 5 day blasts, so we’re happy.

I have a mild case of OHSS, i’m very bloated and very sore…DR V has put me on bedrest with at least 4ltr of fluid a day – this is why I am so late to update you all but I needed a break from the couch!!

Abi came back home last night, we are very happy to have her back home and she is just as pleased to be here. She still has some diarrhea but is eating well, she’s also lost quite a bit of weight and you can see that she hasn’t been well but hopefully she’ll be back to normal soon!

Will update tomorrow, thanks for all the prayers chickens!!