It’s been quite a week, I took Monday and Tuesday off and have been at work half day for the rest of the week. I’m still feeling so flat and I just can’t get my head around the fact that this is over and done with, it doesn’t feel real and I so wish that it weren’t. But it is and that makes me so sad.

I haven’t been able to really talk to anyone about it, I’m too afraid to say how I really feel because it’s too hard, I’ve been keeping to myself which helps me get thru it. I know that this will pass and all I’m trying to do right now is take it one day at a time, they say that time heals everything….we’ll see.

Our follow up is on Monday afternoon, I’m looking forward to it now because I think it may help with some closure and maybe a plan, I always need a plan. I want to put a list of questions together but I’m not sure what to ask Dr V…any suggestions?

Abi is getting so big and she continues to bring us so much joy, I really don’t know how I would get thru this without her….she has been such a blessing….will update with pics soon.

In the meantime, Frank and I have decided to try and take a real break….we’ve put off so much in the last three plus years and so now it’s time to start making some changes, we’ve been wanting to sell our house and find something new, in another area….we’ve also been wanting to go on a “second honeymoon” to Knysna – I’m going to start planning that for sometime next year….there is so much we want to do and so now we’re going to start living and stop waiting, our baby will come – in time.