Our follow up went well, as well as can be expected after a failed cycle. Dr V continues to amaze me with his compassionate and caring manner, I could see that he was genuinely sad for us. When he came in and asked how we were he said that he would rather not be having this conversation with us, I got scared. He then went on to say that when our second fresh cycle fails he starts getting concerned and so I got more scared….

Frank and I sat there, both thinking that this was the end of the line for us, that he would say we’d have to go the donor route because of bad egg quality and we decided long ago that we would never use a sperm or egg donor, it’s a personal choice – one that isn’t made lightly but never-the-less one that we will stick to.

He compared the two cycles (fresh) and there is a vast difference between them, egg quality did improve this time round even tho we only got 3 blasts. Fertilisation was 100% compared to 53% last time, my E2 levels went up slower and only got to 6735 and not 14875 by trigger which apparently is better – the eggs aren’t “over-cooked”, I stimmed for an extra day – also preferrable, my progesterone was higher after trigger which is also good, my lining was thick and ER went smoother…all in all, very very different and according to Dr V, much much better.

So then, what is the problem you may ask? Besides for egg quality which could improve since it would be a new batch, they aren’t sure – according to Dr V, I should have fallen pregnant this time, the blasts that we got were very good and hardly fragmented at all. They grew the 3rd blast and it collapsed which makes me feel better about not transferring it because it wouldn’t have made it anyway. It seems that it’s an immunological problem, something not happening between the embryo/blast and lining around the time that it should implant, I have done all the tests that we can do at this stage and the results don’t show anything strange but there are other immunological problems that they cannot test for, things like nat.ural kil.ler cells (I know some clinics do blood tests for this but Dr. V says that the results from taking blood from your arm aren’t always the same as in the uterus) etc.

So the plan is to do the same protocol (providing my hormone profile stays the same) but to add IVIg this time round. I’ll only do one course (a day long procedure/drip) about a week before transfer and then if a pregnancy is acheived then another one – it can’t hurt and this may be what we need to get this right – I hope so.

Some info in IVIg: http://www.sharedjourney.com/articles/ivig.html & http://www.storknet.com/cubbies/infertility/exgs4.htm

That my dear friends, is it. We have a plan now, Frank will have to have a repeat SA a few weeks before we decide to start again in case he needs the menopur shots again. We haven’t set a time frame for any of this yet, it’s not a point of discussion in our house at the moment, we tried talking about when but we both have different ideas and so we decided to leave it for a while, it’s still to fresh.

So, now….let’s live a little 😉