I’m still here, I’m alive and kicking..thanks for the concern 😉

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. I never made my childhood issues public – not because I am a private person but because not everyone understands a difficult childhood and also because I try not to make it a big thing. It’s over and done with now, yes…I’m still paying the price but I have a good life now. I need to accept that my relationship with my parents will never be what I want it to be, it’s hard but it’s reality.

My past has made me what I am today, it’s not all bad – in times of despair it does seem worse and I do have momemts when it consumes me but it’s better not to dwell on it.

Frank and I are doing much better, we went away for the weekend and it was amazing. It really helped us to rec0nnect a bit – we still have a ways to go but we’ll get thru this together. We taking a break until the end of the year in terms of councelling but will start again in the new year. We have also made some tentative decisions about our next IVF, we’re thinking of taking 2009 off, no treatments at all…it’s going to be hard but we really think it’s the best thing to do right now  and of-course we are allowed to change our minds 😉

Abi is growing so quickly and still bring us so much joy!

Here are some recent pics and some pics of our weekend away in Clarens: