As christmas draws closer, I can’t believe that this year is almost over. We had so many hopes and dreams for this year, hopes that this would be the year that would change our lives. It hasn’t been all that bad, we’ve had our ups and downs but we’re still in this together and in the end that is what counts!

Our TTC efforts/plans remain at the back of our minds, we’ll see what this next year brings. As of now, we are doing better…we are concentrating on doing some of the things we’ve put off and of-course on the joy that Abi brings us. Soon we’ll be getting Murphy and while that takes a big chunk out of our savings for IVF I know that it will be worth it. I’m going through a strange patch right now, Frank mentions IVF more than I do and I keep telling him the same thing….IVF can wait, I’m far from ready.

We have finished our christmas shopping, we have a busy Christmas ahead of us….Christmas eve will be at our house (a bit difficult seeing that I am working still) with close friends. Christmas day will be spent with Abi in the morning, my in-laws for a few hours after that and then lunch at my cousins place. Boxing day is spent with other friends (every year), so we are busy, busy, busy!! I’ve decided not to see my family this year, it’s a hard decision but I think that right now it’s the best one for Frank and I.

I want to wish all my dear friends in Blogland a very Merry Christmas, I truly hope that this next year brings you everything your heart desires!

Here are some pics of my darling hubby and I at a recent wedding…