Well hello there, long time no write. Again – no specific reason just really not much to say. No I lie, life has been so busy, time is going so fast and everytime I think that I need to update this blog something comes up. I’m a bad blogger girl 🙂

Our plans for our next treatment seem to be slowly coming together, the plan is to wait it out until the end of winter since I really can’t bring myself to do a winter cycle again, call it superstitious if you will but that’s that. I’ll probably go on BCP in July/August and then obviously do the IVF the next month. We have to sort of plan that I might have to be on BCP for two months if Frank’s FSH levels aren’t right again. If they aren’t it will mean 6 weeks of menopur injections for him which he’s surprisingly quite happy to do (even tho the side effects weren’t great at all).

I need to chat to Dr V, it seems that Vitalab have a new treatment that they’re trying out, it’s called Intrelipids – it’s a lot cheaper, less invasive treatment for NKC (natural killer cells). I need to find out the in’s and out’s of it but it sounds a lot better than doing IVIg which is a plus and will bring down our bill by R7000 or R14000 should I fall pregnant. So in a way I am happy that we waited since we might have had to do IVIg if we’d started sooner but it’s hard to watch others start treatment again and know that I’m standing still.

Frank and I have been better, we seem to be doing well without going back to counselling, we have bad days/weeks but we’re in a much better place since we talk about things instead of keeping them in. It also helps that we’re in agreement on when treatment will start. I do have days were I feel I can’t possibly wait and I get impatient and sad, days when my period starts and I can’t help feel that same old sense of loss and failure but they pass.

I had a bit of a “wobbly” a few weeks back, you see….I thought that I was okay, I thought that I didn’t need my AD’s anymore (are you sensing some resistance here?) and so I stopped them. VERY WRONG thing to do, I was a basket case until they kicked in again. NOT PRETTY at all!! This made me realise that I’m far from ready to start treatment again, I still have some work to do and the progress is slow.

In other news, Abi is doing well and heading for 11 months soon. She still brings us so much joy, despite the fact that it hasn’t been easy since she has many allergies to food. We’ve finally figured out what they are (thanks to a R1500 blood test that had to get sent to the States) so life should get easier from here. Here’s some recent pics for you to enjoy:



We are also picking up “the real Murphy” this weekend, I’m hoping Abi loves him as much as we will, I am sure that it will take some time for her to adjust but she’ll be fine. Here is a pic of Murphy @ 6 weeks, he’s 7 weeks today: